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We are a friendly, ethical and experienced Law firm concentrated on meeting your standards & requirements and staying ahead in an ever changing market place.

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The partners at Your Law are always motivated, undergoing continuous training, staying up to date, searching for answers & solutions, creating new initiatives and developing new methods & strategies; just to improve the service you receive.

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We want each and every client to feel that they matter to us by offering them our knowledge, experience and commitment. At the end of the day, one person’s success is everyone’s success.


We are specialists in real estate law. If you want to make an investment in a house, plot, rural or urban property, local or any other real estate in Spain, here at Your Law we will advise you and guide you through the Spanish bureaucracy. We are your reliable partner in Spain that will help you make the best decision in your purchase.


Everyone has the fundamental right and freedom to live in the country of their choice. We know that the  decision of moving to Spain is very important for you and your family. Therefore we will help you from start to finish with your immigration plan.  We will be there for you at every step and lead you through the whole process.


A professional Business Plan for Immigration

Our professional team, with many years of experience, will examine your business plan and provide optimal solutions for your business in Spain to be successful.



If you’re a non-EU citizen and are staying in Spain to study or to do some research for more than three months, you’ll need a student visa. We can help you obtain your student visa at the Spanish consulate in your country.

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You can get a free immigration consultation by filling out the attached form. And by attending free periodic sessions you will have the chance to get private immigration or investment advice with a Spanish lawyer.

Where can I get free Solicitor advice?   Where can I access free legal advice?
We will help you make the best choices for you and your family, and you can rest assured of the legality of all your decisions at every step .

Your Law’s spirit and belief is that of ethical work practice, efficiency and familiarity.

We have offices in Marbella, Fuengirola, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and we specialize in Real Estate Law & Immigration Law amongst other branches of law.​ ​If you are looking to live or invest in Spain,  we will be very happy to assist you from start to finish. We will ensure your investment is free of hidden fees and debts and that it complies with Spanish Urban Development laws. We will also inform you of your tax duties thereafter, all at the lowest cost possible.

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At Your Law we maintain you updated with the Latest News, Property Laws in Spain and more.

How can you trust us?

Please check for yourself that Jose Ignacio Ariza Tello is a registered Spanish Lawyer from the Malaga Bar Association (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Málaga) by entering his last name “ARIZA TELLO” in the box “Apellidos” in one of the following websites:

Consejo General de la Abogacía Española
or Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Málaga

Once you find him you can click on his name to get all the details.

You can also call the Bar at the  Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Málaga

The lawyers from the Colegio de Abogados de Malaga have a professional  insurance policy that covers their liability up to 1 million Euros.