Your Purchase in Spain

Keeping your Investment SAFE!

We GUARANTEE the safe purchase of your property by offering clients attending A Place in the Sun exhibition the first part of the due diligence process free of charge!

Thinking about investing in a Spanish property?

Would you like to be guided step by step through the property maze and it's legalities?

Are you concerned about your investment being 100% legally registered and secure under Spanish & European law?

Will you feel relieved if we can guarantee you a safe purchase by providing you with a full report on your property?

At Your Law, you will be appointed a native British paralegal assistant to guide you through every aspect of your purchase, from private contract of sale to the sale itself and registration of the property thereafter. You will receive a due diligence Report detailing the property specifics and any potential complications so that you can rest assured that it is legally registered, compliant with European standards, debt free and up to date with all statutory obligations; all of this prior to signing anything at all! This is how we SAFEGUARD you.