Our success is a satisfied client
I’m big on work ethics. An ethical code of practice just goes beyond being professional and knowledgeable. I look for moral values, trust, loyalty etc. Your Law knows how to handle personal and business matters in a courteous and sensitive manner. They are a healthy group of people who like to really help and offer a good service. I consider this to be so important.
Verónica L. Olivares

Properties Spain

I know I can rely on a serious, professional and pro-active set of solicitors. Though I have to say, I’ve been lucky enough to find these values in other solicitors I’ve dealt with as well but only because I cannot possibly accept anything less on a business level. How is Your Law different? For me it’s a question of will, effort and commitment. It’s a relief for me to know I can count on motivated professionals with a solid and well structured base; this way I know my clients are going to be well looked after in any language they need.
Scott Marshall

Business Owner, Benhavís

I am a loyal client as far as Your Law is concerned. The first case they ever handled for me was a complicated civil matter and they proved themselves to be highly competent and committed. Every part of the process was carefully explained to me and I was kept up to date at all times. I was surprised to receive informative calls and emails all the time to advise me and help me make decisions. I’ve appreciated being made to feel that my best interests were being looked after.
Lisa Ripley

Graphic Designer & Desktop Publisher

Up until now I really didn’t feel I could rely or trust easily in a solicitor here in Spain. Firstly perhaps because I’m used to the British legal system and I just know how things get done in the UK so it’s been a bit of a headache to adapt to procedures here in Spain because they’re so very different. Secondly I’ve always felt that there was something missing in my communication with solicitors here in Málaga, just a general lack of understanding and expectations, so I was never really happy about leaving my personal affairs in someone else’s hands, no matter how professional they might have seemed. At Your Law not only do I have my own solicitor but I also have an assigned British paralegal assistant who just talks my lingo so we understand each other perfectly! She’s always at the other end of the phone and answers all my questions there and then. That to me is priceless!
Abigail Dean

Business woman, Owner/Director Eco Diva, Soul Nomads & Café Nomad

I own a distribution company that’s been operative on the Costa del Sol for more than 15 years. It’s always been important for me to feel supported by a good and faithful group of solicitors who can offer me guarantees whenever possible and who I know have got my back. Your Law manages all of my legal matters, claims, default payments and other business affairs which can be really complex and require a high level of knowledge and experience. They also manage my personal and family matters and have always demonstrated great commitment.

Fernando Aparicio Bustos

Owner/Director Los Vinos del Camino S.L.U

I’ve received an excellent service and guidance. I didn’t think it was possible for a solicitors office to make me feel so valued. They have a really well structured business for residents as well as non residents. The level of communication couldn’t possibly be improved. Both fiscal and civil matters that I’ve had have been processed quickly, efficiently but more so delicately which is what I’ve appreciated the most. It’s easy to recognise vocational people and at Your Law everyone really is very authentic.
Audrey Duncan